Dear friends of St. Peter’s,

Canada is blowing in today. It was almost 80 when Betsy and I landed last night from Houston where we had flown for a family wedding, and we’re supposed to hit 20 tomorrow evening. We found only two pelicans left on the lake.

I’m writing to let you know that the Life Estate Agreement, formalizing the gift of West of the Moon to St. Peter’s Monastery, was finalized by the Foundation board and signed by its President, Archbishop Benjamin, last month.

Also in September, Smith Contracting in Butte recovered our road and extended it to the monastery site, and Mark Headley completed the 3D model of his beautiful design for the new monastery. If you’d like to see the 3D model, please let me know and I’ll send you a link. You’ll have to download SketchUp to view it, however. It’s easy and fun to play with.

Some of you have been making your Amazon purchases through AmazonSmile and thereby helping to support the Monastery. Please know how grateful we are for this. I’m forwarding to all of you an email I recently received from amazonsmile containing information about St. Peter’s link and how to access it more easily. I hope that those of you blessed with discretionary income and in the habit of making charitable gifts at this time of year will also consider St. Peter’s in your giving.

This winter we’re planning to upgrade the web site, perhaps with more photos and Mark’s 3D model. We’d also like to begin downloading homilies like the one attached to this email based on the Gospel reading for August 21, Matthew 14:22-34. Those of you who have visited our site will recognize this as the story behind the shrine overlooking the lake with the icon of St. Peter walking on the water. This story is rich with interpretations, perhaps because in so many ways we see ourselves in Peter’s impulsivity, our hope in God, and the fears that crowd about us. This homily was offered by Father David Morrison at St. Anthony the Great Church in Bozeman. If you have a homily that you especially like based on this Gospel, please send it along.

Finally, my great thanks to those who have prayed for my recovery from a bad accident on July 17. Your prayers are being answered. God is merciful. And I am now walking about, weeks into my physical therapy, and cleared for travel.

Glory to God.